A story of some connections and another article on ethics

I thought I’d share a story about how I came across an article, “On a Natural Ethic” written by Dirk Evers in a magazine called Funky Raw. I spent a few days camping in the Lakes and then took the train to Sheffield to do some work there. I was to stay over at the home of some of my family. On the journey from the station, my host talked about her connecting with permaculture, which she knows I have an interest in, and also about her journey with raw food. I ate a delicious evening meal of raw food and shared good company. I went to bed with a fragrant and calming tea. In the morning I was offered a pint of green juiced vegetables and fruit which I found absolutely delicious and feeling fantastic, went to my work and enjoyed my day thoroughly. I felt inspired to discover more about raw food. On my return to Hebden Bridge I was mooching in a local shop while my companion chose a gift and I was attracted to the colourful cover of a magazine. Picking it up I discovered it was a magazine exploring Raw Food. Also, a member of Ink, the Independent News Collective, trade association of the radical and alternative press in the uk.  The contents include reference to permaculture and an article “On a Natural Ethic”. Having just posted about Wild Ethics, I was drawn in. What a great set of connections! In my next post I’ll reflect on this article.

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