Shamanic Practice

During an interview with Nick Totton for my Wild Pathways Training in Ecopsychology I began to discover how hard it was to speak about what I have held so close inside for so long- something that I am only just feeling able to start putting words to. My friend today said it beautifully, that I am in awe in relation to the world I am being introduced to, welcomed into. Wonderfully supported by Jayne Johnson and the group of women who embarked together on the  Wild Earth Embodied Shamanic Training, I am trusting my experiences and finding a richness, colour, vibrant aliveness in connections wherever I bring my attention…

Music was a very important part of my life in my early years and I played classical flute until I went to University to study Dentistry. I didn’t play for the next 30 years. I heard Nigel Shaw play traditional wooden flutes at the Ecopsychology gathering ( )’Edge of the Wild’ 2013 and commissioned a Holly flute in B and a Yew flute in E. Loving and playing these beautiful instruments in ceremony and as part of community rather than performing on my own on a stage, transformed my experience. Since then I commissioned Martin Doyle to make me a keyless Irish flute, which he made from a recycled rosewood chair leg! The person who he bought them from had bought the chairs for the seats to make guitars, but he could find no use for the legs. When Martin measured the legs, the length up to the dowel was just the right length for the body of a flute! So, I am very privileged to have one of his beautifully crafted instruments to play in rosewood. This time around I am learning traditional Irish folk music by listening rather from reading notated music- in the community way, through the sharing of tunes. I’m finding this a joyful experience. Music making and drum making are part of my shamanic practice.

It was my connection with Nigel that led me to Dartmoor to make a drum with Carolyn Hillyer, which has led to me starting to unfold my learning journey with making drums as medicine tools.

My shamanic path is supporting and informing my journey in developing my own expression of Wild Therapy.

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