To Become the Rain

Now, now we must become
the rain,
Letting our bodies sink into
the parched earth, filling
every crevice with a listening
so great that flowers
bloom where our bodies lie.

Look up at the sky and shout
prayers of thanksgiving
that cause
the heavens to join in,
raining down sweet mercy.

There is no choice anymore
but to lie still and sink in.
We must moisten the ground
of each other
with our own sweet essence,

showing the rains,
by our example,
what it is to flow down,
gathering strength and unity.

What is it to love one another?
It is to belly down and
become the rain.
That way
the Earth may remember
and so share her own heart
which beats in-sync with
our own.

Sulis Sarasvati 2011

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