My approach...

Supervision is essentially a confidential relationship which serves a relational practitioner in their developmental and support needs in relation to their work with clients. The supervision relationship is an essential ethical requirement for counsellors and psychotherapists. My style of supervision is person-centred. This means that I focus upon your process as supervisee i.e. what is going on for you while staying open to phenomena arising in the present moment. If we really are free to allow experience to flow, free from the fear of judgement, then not only do we allow rich possibilities for insight and creativity but we also create the best possible possible chances for our way of being to be beneficial to our clients through awareness of our being. My aim is to create with you a place in which you feel deeply safe and free to explore what you are experiencing in relation to your client work.

I offer supervision sessions indoors and/or outdoors…

Supervision is a space to bring whatever seems relevant to your work and is a potentially a relational space where insight and guidance could arise from many different places. Working outdoors offers the possibility for connection with the wild and other than human. Creating opportunity for experiencing a sense of connection within the wild web makes sense to me at a time when disconnection is a state of institutionalised norm.

Supervision with people who work outside the field of counselling and psychotherapy…

My supervision practice is not restricted to counsellors and psychotherapists. If you think you would benefit from a space to support you in relation to your work with people, I would be happy to hear from you.

I offer online supervision.


£60-75 per hour

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