‘Psychological practitioners reflect the society we live in – including its divisions. At our best, we also reflect on it, identifying its problems and offering possible ways forward; and, indeed, reflect on our relationship with it.’

Introduction of ‘Vital Signs – Psychological responses to Ecological Crisis’ (Eds. Rust and Totton)

Background and approach

I have been practising as a counsellor and psychotherapist since 1999. I originally trained in the person-centred approach to counseling and psychotherapy. My own path has led me to explore ecopsychology and shamanism as I ask questions about how I am living my own life. I have practised a deep listening in relation with people for many years and I am extending this listening to the wild and other than human, recognising and experiencing my embeddedness in the earth, in the wild. I recognise and experience my connectedness with all that is and bring this awareness into relationship in my work as a therapist. My intention as a therapist is to meet you where and how you are, as I am, respecting your person, needs, way of relating and being in the world. At this meeting place something is exchanged, something flows, something changes of its own accord.

I offer sessions indoors and/or outdoors.

Working indoors and outdoors offer different possibilities. I have much experience of working indoors where we are sheltered from the weather, other people and there is some sense of relative predictability in our physical environment. This environment might feel safer to some people and less safe to others. The wild is wherever we are. Being outside offers the possibility of encounters with the wild and other than human, the weather, animals, trees, the ground, and sky, rivers and rocks. We are not in control of these elements and we are both affected and need to respond and find flexibility in relation to what is arising around us. As well as being with this unpredictability we might also experience being held by the earth and her soothing company. We might walk, or find a place; we make space for another dimension and experience of our context.


An initial meeting for up to one hour is free of charge as this is an opportunity for us each to meet each other and find out if we want to work together.

After the initial session you decide the fee between £60-75 per hour. I do offer a number of places where a fee is negotiable, depending on your circumstances and my capacity to offer flexibility in fee at any given time.

You may find tuning into the fee you want to pay easy, or you may face some challenges. We will work with any challenges you face as part of the therapy process.

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